Laser Therapy


We are proud to offer now LASER THERAPY for your pets!

What is laser therapy? Laser therapy is a completely pain free tool, that works to help the body heal faster!

What laser therapy?

Your pet will feel the relief from pain and inflammation from:

  1.  Injuries—acute or chronic

  2.  Arthritic joint or back problems

  3. Neurological problems including muscle spasms

  4. Infection

  5. Lick granulomas

  6. Postoperative swelling

  7. And so much more!

How do lasers work?

Cold lasers are handheld devices placed directly over the problem area for several minutes.  Non-thermal photons of light are emitted that pass through the skin layers at various depths.  The cells absorb the light and the mitochondrial DNA and RNA are repaired and biological reactions are triggered.  Chemical substances are produced, released and carried by the blood to other parts of the body thus not only healing cells and tissues locally but through the whole body.